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All firearms and other restricted items listed on this site MUST BE BROKERED THROUGH A LICENSED FIREARMS DEALER IN AUSTRALIA.

When selling interstate the firearms and or restricted items must be transferred by a dealer to another dealer.

REFUNDS are at the discretion of BUYNSELLGUNS.COM.AU and its staff. Requests for refunds will only be administered immediately after the application to list on our website if deemed in error. Refunds are not available in the case of a transaction was not completed or the given information was false or incorrect by all parties involved.

Listing fees may change without warning. (This will not apply to existing transactions)

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As we are not a dealer we do not provide warranties on any items listed on our site and bear no responsibility or liability for defective items sold or bought through our web site. We also are not liable for items bought through our website that fail to make it to its proper destination. This is between you the seller and or the carrier.

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NSW also requires that advertisements clearly show the name and address of the licensed firearm dealer who will transfer the ownership for the seller and buyer.

Once an item is sold and no longer available, the seller must remove the listing or notify us it’s sold so we can remove it.

All Australian federal and State/Territory legislation MUST be complied with by you when making transactions through our BUYNSELLGUNS.COM web site.

Please report any listings that may be illegal, false, misleading, offensive, threatening and they can be reviewed.

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