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Support the only association fighting for shooters. Join up and help fight unjust laws targeting shooters. The National Shooting Council now supports genuine reason for hunting in three states with more on the way. The major associations are supporting gun bans and shooters need to vote with their feet.

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When you buy or sell a new or used gun off Buynsell Guns be sure to check with your state’s weapons licencing laws as they can vary considerably. Unfortunately, all the states have differing opinions so where a bolt action rifle is legal in one state, it may be illegal in another just because it has an adjustable stock or pistol grip. For your convenience, BuynSell Guns has provided the links to the state’s weapons licencing branches below.
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Weapons Licencing NSW
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Weapons Licencing WA
Are you aware of your safe storage responsibilities once you have purchased your new or used gun? Again this can change depending on what state you live in. Some states, for example, require a steel thickness in relation to your handgun safe where others specify a lockable steel container. Your local weapons licencing branch will be able to help you with what is required from you to keep your guns safe. Failure to comply will most certainly result in seizure and worse confiscation.